"Sincere" comes from
the Japanese word for "sincerity."
We work with “honesty” and work
with “honest” brand companies.


At the end of 2021, I reached a turning point of being a company employee, representative of a Japanese corporation, and executive officer after about 30 years.
What I thought about from my experience was, “In the future, connections between people will once again be very important, and above all, what can I do to help others?''
In the midst of all of these, we had received an offer from a certain company to become a consultant, and we decided to start a company in earnest.

However, while it is truly an honor to serve as a consultant, and I am determined to do my best to support them, I still feel that there are still many great brands that exist in the world that have not come to Japan, and that I would like to introduce such great brands to people in Japan. I began to think that it might be possible for us to deliver them to Japanese consumer.

Of course, I couldn’t do anything by myself, so I consulted with my senior colleagues whom I could trust with all my heart, and with their support, I decided to not only work as a consultant, but also work in the import and sales business.

At our company, we deliver reliable, honest and wonderful brands that exist overseas to people in Japan, and we also provide consulting services to support companies that contact us.

There are five things that I value while carrying out my work, so I would like to take this opportunity to introduce them to you.

First of all, we use the word "Sincere" as our company name. All members of our company work with integrity. And it is fundamental that the brands we work with are "Sincere."

The second is, “Are we enjoying each day and being happy?''
For employees to enjoy every day and be happy. And the company provides an environment where they can enjoy themselves. If these conditions are not being met, the enjoyment will not be conveyed to all the people I work with. At the end of the day as a consultant, we can help our customers enjoy their day, and the brands we carry can help them enjoy their day.

Thirdly, "Feeling of Respect."
Treat everyone with respect, including fellow employees, customers with whom we do business, and overseas brand companies. Without this feeling, the real human relationships cannot be built.

Fourth, “Gratitude.”
A company can only operate because it is truly supported by people. There is no end to the list of employees, business partners, consumers, brand companies, etc, who are choosing our company, but it is more important to remember to be grateful to all of them.

Lastly “Be Humble”.
This is similar to the "Gratitude" mentioned earlier, but we believe that nothing can begin without a feeling of "Being Humble." This company was started with the support of wonderful employees and related people.

Our goal is to keep these five elements in mind and deliver a fun moment to everyone being involved.
We import, sell wonderful brands and work hard to help make your day more enjoyable and happy through our people and brands.

Sincere K.K.
Representative Director
Kenta Matsuno

Mission, Vision and Value

”Provide SINCERE services and premium brands which can deliver Happiness and Joy to people” ”Work with people and Brands who are happy, enjoying and SINCERE to themselves and others”


Name of the company Sincere Corporation
Established September 1, 2022.
Location No.5 Sky Building 310, 3-3-8 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0051, Japan
Phone and fax numbers tel: 03-6757-9560 (switchboard)
fax: 03-6740-2414
President and Representative Director Kenta Matsuno
Capital 5 million yen
Number of Employees 7 (including advisors)
Correspondent Banks Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
Business Import and sales of alcoholic beverages, foods, and beverages, and Planning, production, and operation of sales promotion activities
Consulting (marketing, sales, human resource development)
Brands handled KOMOS (Tequila)
ALFRED GIRAUD(French Malt Whisky)
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